Managing and maintaining the remediated facility with K8TRAM

boxOn completion of the premier audit an exact picture of all aspects of the data centre will have been captured by us.  This is a completely implemented K8TRAM system and may be acquired either as an in-house implementation or as a managed system which is run at your data centre but administered and maintained by us. Should you wish to perform additional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations they will be provided at a reduced rate depending on the number and size of data centres involved.

K8TRAM has been designed specifically to provide a next generation data centre management solution.  Next generation functionality focuses on automation and optimisation of elements such as heat, cooling, power and space as well as extensively mapping relationships.  It is a sophisticated environmental and strategic management system, with reporting functionality that determines how infrastructure and IT assets combine to create both the physical and virtual data centre.

The K8TRAM software suite provides data centre management with a comprehensive view of their entire portfolio of managed assets, automates standard tasks, and enforces best practices and procedures.  It provides a breakthrough, critical energy efficiency solution that helps companies measure and manage their energy utilization and global carbon footprint. The solution comprises a number of facilities which are integral parts of the day to day data centre management.

K8TNVIRON – allows accurate to scale layout of data rooms including:


K8TCFD – a subscription which allows, in combination with the PLANNER, the simulation for purposes of infrastructure impact, of any new configuration, population or layout.  The CFD takes into account impact on HVAC systems as well as determining increased thermal load, underfloor air velocity, flow paths and pressure etc.



K8TINVENT – modelling new projects so that they can be provisioned in the most efficient and economical way.  Metrics aimed at providing live information so that meaningful decisions can be timeously made in terms of spare capacity, idle capacity, safety margin capacity and stranded capacity. All specifications of equipment in racks giving their location, size, weight, airflow requirements, thermal loads, energy use and power demands.


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